Always Learning
Always Learning


Complete your project in 3 simple steps

1 Utilise the intuitive mind map view

  • Brainstorm ideas and project tasks in a mind map
  • Build a portfolio by adding notes, hyperlinks and attaching files of any format
  • Add time information to tasks


2 Create a project plan in the Gantt view 

  • Plan the project in detail using the interactive Gantt view
  • Adjust the plan as the project evolves using the intuitive drag and drop
    Gantt chart
  • Evaluate by reviewing the project plan


3 Export to produce

  • MS Word reports
  • MS PowerPoint presentations
  • E-portfolio in HTML


Project Planning with MindView
Good planning is essential if students are to succeed in the Project.

MindView offers several planning methods to suit the way your students like to work. You can: 

  • Produce a detailed project plan using the integrated Gantt chart. 
  • Create an interactive timeline 
  • Add time information to a mind map for a simple overview
    Students can interchange between the Gantt, timeline and mind map views making MindView a flexible and intuitive planning tool. 

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"Mind Mapping software is a great way to explore and clarify the requirements of a project brief prior to constructing a detailed project plan."

Ann Weidmann, Qualifications Leader for ICT, Edexcel

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