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Always Learning
Project Qualification | Level 3

Project titles

Below is a list of sample Project titles for level 3 from the Teacher's Guide. If you're unsure about one of your students' suggested project titles, you can use our Ask the Expert service to check one title and then apply that advice to other difficult titles.

expand P301: Dissertation and P302: Investigation/Field Study

• Is it ethical to genetically engineer babies for designer purposes?
• Do violent computer games contribute to anti-social behaviour?
• What are the ethical issues in trade relations between the West and China?
• Should businesses change their practice to respect the environment?
• Are American fundamentalist religious beliefs partly responsible for global warming?
• Is the only aim of business to make maximum profit?
• Can you believe in God and the Big Bang?
• What does being healthy mean to you? A case study of the effects of food standard guidelines on people’s eating habits.
• How do our senses affect our food preferences?
• Is wi-fi safe?
• Is there a perceptible difference between organic and non-organic food?
• Will we find life in the solar system?
• What is the impact of Dark Energy?
• Can we justify human space exploration?
• What are the long-term health effects of binge drinking?
• How can training and diet improve flat-water canoe techniques?
• How can sports fitness improve through football?
• What are the ethical issues around 'size zero' models?
• Should anyone be allowed to become a foster parent?
• Do government health campaigns affect levels of binge drinking?
• Should abortion be free on the NHS?
• Is the NHS having a beneficial impact on the fight for cancer, particularly breast cancer?
• Is free trade the way forward?
• What is the impact of fair trade on both developed and developing nations? A research study based on the marketing and enterprise skills used by two rival companies in a local town centre.
• How do supermarkets gain competitive advantage? A case study of Tesco and Sainsbury's.
• Do teaching assistants have a beneficial effect on the attainment of learners in the primary and secondary sectors?
• How have children’s likes and dislikes changed since they moved from primary to secondary school?
• Solar variability near the solar minimums and its effect on cloud cover.
• How important is market research in producing a successful business project?
• How do successful businesses use ICT? A case study approach.
expand P303: Performance

• How can live performance engage an audience in the current technological age?
• What role does comedy have in serious culture?
• Can Brechtian techniques be successfully applied to today's social and political issues?
• Is music effective as a tool for motivating workers?
• How can we make classical texts popular to new audiences?
• How can we express the rhythm of eastern cultures and communicate them to a western audience?

expand P304: Artefact

• Nature’s vessels: Design and make a series of ceramic forms based on natural containers such as seedpods, shells or nests.
• Portrait and personality: Make a series of 2D or 3D images that are based on the theme of portraiture.
• Illustration: Make illustrations for either a poem or a children’s story of your choice.
• Recycled: Design and make a collection of sophisticated jewellery or body adornment from unconventional recycled materials.
• The issue is… : Produce graphic material (such as illustrations, posters or leaflets) for a promotional campaign on an issue of your choice. The subject may be, for example, social, environmental, ethical or political.
• Erosion and decay: Produce a series of images (paintings, drawings, prints, photographs or mixed media) based on the theme of erosion and decay.

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