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Project Qualification | Level 1 and Level 2

Edexcel Level 1 Foundation Project and Edexcel Level 2 Higher Project

Edexcel Foundation and Edexcel Higher Projects are suitable for those students who would like to investigate a subject in depth. They provide opportunities for the development of inquisitive and independent learners. They also engage learners through the flexible, study-based approach.

There is a single unit entry for both Edexcel Foundation and Edexcel Higher Projects which covers all potential project outcomes.

Evidence will be graded A* to B at Level 1 and A* to C at Level 2. Both levels require 60 Guided Learning Hours.

For information on how to start teaching the Project in your school, visit our Getting started section.

SCAAT points / GCSE Equivalence

From 2014, the government has announced that anything smaller than a full course GCSE will not be included in the five A*-C headline measure.

This means that the Edexcel Project will still carry SCAAT points, but cannot be used towards this headline measure.

Edexcel Level 1 and 2 Projects are each worth half a GCSE and carry the following SCAAT points:

Edexcel Higher Projects (Level 2)

Grade SCAAT Points Equivalence
A* 29 0.5 GCSE at grade A*
A 26 0.5 GCSE at grade A
B 23 0.5 GCSE at grade B
C 20 0.5 GCSE at grade C

Edexcel Foundation Projects (Level 1)

Grade SCAAT Points Equivalence
A* 17 0.5 GCSE at grade D
A 14 0.5 GCSE at grade E
B 9.5 0.5 GCSE at grade F/G



15 August 2012
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